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Andrea Insabato
I started my studies in Philosophy in Naples (Università L'Orientale) and Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg Universität). After the degree I moved to Rome for a Master Degree in Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Sciences (Università La Sapienza). I obtained my PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain). My PhD work was focused on brain processes involved in decision confidence computation and the role of confidence estimates in decision making, using biophysical modeling and statistical analysis of neurophysiological data. As a postdoctoral researcher, my work is mainly based on modeling of brain activity, both biophysically and more abstract, as well as on machine learning techniques for data analysis. I'm currently involved in the ERANET project CHAMPMouse, in collaboration with NIN Amsterdam (A. Heimel, P. Roelfsema) and KU Leuven (H. Op de Beeck). In this project I'm analyzing and modeling calcium imaging data recorded in behaving mice in order to understand the biological basis of figure-ground segmentation.